About SLPL

Welcome to Speech and Language Processing Laboratory (SLPL)

SLPL (formerly known as SPL) is one of the research laboratories of Computer Engineering Department of Sharif University Of Technology. The main area of the research in this Lab is Digital Signal Processing, specially Speech signals. Speech Recognition is the major field of activity for this group and a speech recognition engine including the latest and successful algorithms is developed. This engine is customized for Persian language including Persian language models (Statistical and Grammatical) and the first version is released as NEVISA, the most robust and accurate Persian dictation system. SLPL also has developed NEWSHA (T-NEVISA), the high accurate Persian telephony speech recognition including command and digit recognition. Some of derived products from these engines are:

  • Parsia: Persian voice translator
  • NevisYar: Persian intelligent typing
  • Digit and command recognition
  • Telephony doctor
  • Persian speech-enabled auto-attendant

Other speech-based solutions are available on the lab’s partner ASR Gooyesh Pardaz web site.

For more information about the projects of this group follow Projects page. Experts in this group are working on various digital speech related research areas such as Speech Enhancement and Speech Synthesis. The summary of the fields of activity of this group are:

  • Dialog Systems
  • Digital Speech Processing
  • Robust Speech Recognition
  • Speech Synthesis (Text-To-Speech)
  • Speech Enhancement
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Speech Database Design
  • Pattern Recognition

Currently this group has more than 15 members which are Ph.D and M.S. students or M.S. graduated, in supervision of Dr. Hossein Sameti. More information about the members can be found in People page.